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Sep 10, 2012 12:47 PM

BBQ in Memphis near Costco

My husband and I will be in Oxford, MS in a couple of weeks. One of the days of our visit we will need to drive back to Memphis to the Costco on Hacks Cross Road. Would like to try a good representation of Memphis BBQ for lunch while we are there. Is there a good place near that part of town that you would recommend? Thanks!

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  1. You will be 10 minutes from the Germantown Commisary, which is authentic and very good. The potato salad is excellent.

    1. Agree with Michael, that's your best bet out east. You are probably 10 - 15 minutes from Corky's on Poplar there, too, but I think most who post on this board would say Gtown Commissary is better than Corky's. If you're willing to expand your driving range to 20 - 25 minutes, you could probably take 385 to 240 then end up at one of the good midtown spots like Central BBQ, Barbecue Shop, or Payne's, but those wouldn't really be in the neighborhood of Costco.

      1. Thanks Michael and bulldog for the tips.

        1. We did end up going to the Germantown Commissary and enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation! We both had the chopped pork sandwich plate. Sadly, I now see that I forgot your recommendation of their potato salad - but I was very impressed with the cole slaw and took a "to go" container back to our condo. Again - thanks for the response.