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Sep 10, 2012 11:16 AM

Papa George's Hy Mart in North Hollywood

has anyone been and what do you think of the joint ?

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  1. Not bad. I can only speek for the mediterranean wraps, but they're big and tasty. Very american-ized, too - the Gyros Gone Wild is a lavash wrap with gyro meat AND falafel together, for example (the gyros aren't freshly cooked on a spit or anything but are tasty enough). good selection of vegetarian stuff. i like that you can get a spicy option with each sandwich. Not a destination joint, but a good little lunch if you're in the neighborhood.

    1. I've been there a lot. I'm a meat eater, but this place turned me vegetarian for many a lunch hour. It's fantastic, a neighborhood gem.
      I'd recommend the Veggie Baby on a French roll (which they finish by crisping up in a panini press), or the Shakloot Special lavash wrap. They're best at the Mediterranean-style sandwiches and wraps, often with a ton of ingredients; a turkey and swiss is going to be nothing to write home about. I do not recommend gyros. There are much, much better places for gyros, but there's nowhere else to go for a Shakloot Special. I get mine extra-spicy.

      1. I'll bite, where is this located? (Yes I know, North Hollywood, but an address or at the very least a cross street would be nice....)

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          Google the place. In fact there is a link to a video from last year. Never been to the place, but it looks promising.

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            It's at the crazy six-way intersection of Lankershim and Vineland, at Camarillo street. It's on the southwest corner, in the strip mall behind the H.Salt Fish & Chips.

          2. great armenian bread (italian sandwich on armenian bread is a surprising winner). FYI falafels are premade and microwaved. They do their job in sandwiches though.