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Sep 10, 2012 10:48 AM

Austin visitor seeks good coffee

Austin 'Hounds -

I'll be in Austin on business this week staying at the Hilton closest to the convention center. I'd like recommendations for good places to get a good/great cup of coffee before the snooze fest that will be my meetings. I won't have a car but am willing to walk five to seven blocks for a cuppa.

Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to being back in your city.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. Couple of them come to mind -

    - Easy Tiger - - beer garden, bakery and coffee shop.
    - Progress Coffee - - more traditional coffee house

    Equally good coffee imho although Easy Tiger has the added bonus of home made baked goods (Its a full on bakery) and ping pong and great craft beer for after if your into that.

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      My vote for Easy Tiger. For me better coffee than progress and good homemade pastries and bread and an easy walk from the hotel.

      And as you said you could walk 5-7 blocks, you could also go to Medici or Patika on Congress for better prepared coffee/espresso drinks.

      I think all of these three (Tiger, Medici and Patika) use the same beans (local roaster called Cuvee) that is usually very good.

      1. re: richardd_x

        I second the vote for progress, particularly if you like ice brewed cold coffee with real mexican vanilla. I also highly recommend the Patika Coffee trailer around the west side of the 4th and congress intersection.

      2. Cafe Medici - total coffee nazis, in a good way.

        1. I like the espresso and espresso based drinks like cappas and lattes at Royal Blue Grocery. Great breakfast grazing, too.

          1. Another vote for Medici.

            Save Easy Tiger for your post-conference craft beer drinking.

            1. Cafe Medici in the Austonian is quite good, but the best may be a little farther at Frank