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Sep 10, 2012 10:27 AM

Lower Manhattan Seafood or Asian Restaurants?

hi there,

I am in L.A. and my boss is out in NYC this week for work and want to take clients to a nice dinner in Lower Manhattan (I have no idea what that area is like)... help please!! He has asked me to look for an Asian or Seafood restaurant. Please keep in mind that he his taking clients, but not too fancy either.


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  1. Do you mean Wall Street & the Financial District? Or "downtown" which is to say "below 14th Street"?

    Do you have an intersection that is your starting point?

    Nice but not too fancy can mean many things.

    How much are you willing to spend, per person, before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

    How large is the group?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Its for 6x people and I have no idea what area... he's staying at the Premier Hotel off of 44th st. between 7th and 6th (per google maps).

      As for pricing... I guess plates between $15-30?

      Here are some places people have recommended: Catch, North End Grill, & Buddakan.

      1. re: tanyajhong

        Esca is a great Italian seafood restaurant close to your hotel. Same owners as Mozza in LA.

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          In other words, he's staying in Midtown. Just so you know.

      2. We've had many fine Chinese seafood meals at Delight 28 and Fuleen Seafood while visiting family. These two are in Manhattan's Chinatown and can accommodate parties large and small.

        1. The best and most appropriate Asian in my opinion would be Oriental Garden on Elizabeth St.

          1. What about something lime Lure- seafood that has sushi as well. It's in Soho, trendy but not very fancy.

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              Thanks everyone! My boss ended up making reservations at NOBU.