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Sep 10, 2012 09:51 AM

Need suggestions

My husband and I are coming to NYC for his birthday Oct 20 for three nights. Haven't been to the Big Apple since 2003 and would appreciate suggestions about good restaurants. We are staying on Crosby St. in Soho. We are foodies. Thanks you all.

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  1. In Soho I would recommend Balthazar, The Dutch, and Osteria Morini. I also like Kees for chocolates and Dominique Ansel for pastries.

    That said, It would be helpful to indicate your budget per person for food alone, before alcohol, tax and tip. Where is your home city and what are your favorite restaurants there? Do you have a preference for cuisine? Do you like ethnic food? Do you prefer to dress up or dine casually? Which parts of Manhattan do you plan to visit? Is there anything in particular that you would like to try, such as molecular gastronomy, high end French, asian fusion, etc.

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      As far as our budget we know it's expensive but also don't like to spend good money on bad food. In 2003 we ate at Balthazar's and loved it, La Caravelle and Herminia.'s - both excellent as well. We tend to like more casually than fancy dress. Willing to travel but we are staying in that area specifically because we never got to spend much time there in the past. In 2003 we stayed in mid-town. My husband is allergic to soy protein so Asian is usually out. Thanks again.

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        I think you'll like Marc Forgione, Perla, Babbo, Minetta Tavern, and perhaps WD50, all of which are not too far from Soho.

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          Good suggestions from MrGrumpy. 2nd The Dutch, Osteria Morini, Kee's, Dominique Ansel.

          In that neighborhood, I like Lure Fishbar (esp for their burger), oyster at Aquagrill, cocktails at Lani Kai, tapas at Boqueria, American at Hundred Acres, fish tacos at Papatzul. Groceries and snacks at Dean & Deluca or Despana.

          Nolita isn't very far either -- try Rubirosa, Public, Peasant. Fresh Spanish style churros (no cinnamon) and tapas at Churreria. Or paella next door at Socarrat.

          You could also walk across Houston St for Lupa, Mermaid Oyster Bar, Jane (brunch), Arturo's (pizza).

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            Back Forty West is another good spot in Soho; it is located where Savoy used to be. Farm-to-table aesthetics, and would fit your desire for good food with more casual dress.

        2. Good for planning in advance! If you want to visit one of our fine dining destinations, you have plenty of advance warning, as most book 28, 30, or 31 days in advance.

          In 2003, what restaurants did you enjoy?

          For this current trip, any preferred neighborhoods? Just Soho?

          Favorite cuisines? Foods you love? Foods you hate?

          Where are you coming from?

          And most importantly, what is your budget? It's better to give a per person figure for food only (before tax, tip, wine/drinks). The more details you can give us about your preferences, the more tailored the recommendations we can give you.

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            1. Ditto on Marc Forgione - especially for that neighborhood

              1. I second suggestions for Aqua Grill, Boqueria and Osteria Morini ( all in SoHO) I'll add Kittichai to that SoHo list. I'll throw in Jungsik, a short walk to great dining in Tribeca. You might like Recette in the W. Village, or 15 East for sushi.