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Sep 10, 2012 09:32 AM

Cheltenham 2 spots please..

Hi Looking for a nice place to celebrate a anniversary and one a bit more casual , after driving there that day. We are doing Lambs in Stratford Upon Avon in between the two.. thinking The Tavern Jamies Italian, Daffodil..Wheatsheaf..lunch? dinner? and the Montepellier Cahpter Hotel.. any others.. and commnets on these?? thank you..

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  1. I've only been to the Jamie's Italian in Manchester. It was shite.

    Surely for the celebration meal, you'd be wanting to consider the Champignon Sauvage? It seems to get universal acclaim and is rated by the 2012 edition of the Good Food Guide as the 11th best in the country. I'm hoping to make the schlep from North Cheshire to eat there soon.

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      That was first on my list.. I hate to admit that I do have eating oddities.. so that threw that one out.. thanks for the insight to Jamies..

      1. re: butterbutt

        Lumierie was wonderful on my visit a few years ago, it has changed chefs/owners but recent reports are it has got better. LCS isn't a set menu so should suit a careful eater. Agree with John Jamies's doesn't fit the bill, good for the price, but how I wish they had charged more so I enjoyed the food!

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        I found Champignon Sauvage a bit tired/dated when I ate their the last year and the service to be on the austere side. The food was still great but I am not sure that I will be back any time soon. Unfortunately, I am not really able to recommend elsewhere as my trip to Cheltenham was with the sole aim of dining at CS - it may be the best option but I would suggest proceeding with caution!

        1. re: dustbuddy

          Interesting on LCS - I too thought the service to be a bit chilly and te room far too bright.

      3. The Daffodil is a good anniversary spot. Good food served in a festive atmosphere (its a converted movie theatre). Lumiere is more intimate. Suffolk kitchen might be another option. Hotel du Vin bistro has reliable french food in a nice atmosphere as well.

        For informal cafes, I really like Svea (a swedish cafe) for their herring platters. For a coffee/cakes place try Moka on suffolk although No. 5 The Brew Rooms is the 'serious' coffee place.

        1. I'm a huge fan of LCS - food is stunning and I've always found the service to be warm and friendly. There's now a tasting menu on Friday & Saturday.

          Daffodil is fine for a drink - head upstairs