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Sep 10, 2012 08:46 AM

Winebar within walking distance of Old Montreal

Hi. Taking someone out for a birthday wine and dessert. Looking for a winebar in Old Montreal, Griffintown, anywhere walking distance from St. Paul and McGill. Wines by the glass and a great selection would be nice. (we were going to go to Pullman but it is too far to walk for our guests and they prefer to walk). Thanks.

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  1. Maybe this new place ? Haven't tried it yet unfortunately, but it's next on my list. Heard some great reviews.

    1. I had the same issue with my sisters this summer and wound up going to "accord" bar à vin

      Its not the Pullman but it wasn't too bad! I'll monitor this tread: I'm interested too in wine bars!.

      1. Actually Pullman is not far at all from Old Montreal, but it is uphill...

        1. Accords is one good option, especially in summer with their very nice terrasse.

          Another that is even closer to St-Paul and McGill is Bocata bar-à-vin ( It's a small plates restaurant run by the same people as Barroco, which is right next door. They have quite a few privately imported wines available.

          Pullman is a little more than a 20 minute walk uphill.