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New to Greenwood

Hi all,

So, my girlfriend and I just moved to Greenwood and Danforth (from the Junction), and are starting to get to know the neighbourhood, but we would appreciate some pointers from area veterans - just about any suggestions would be welcome. We are looking for good coffee places, nice bakeries, butcher shops, cheap and cheerful restaurants, sandwich places, or also the occasional splurgey spot. (Any cuisine.)

Thoughts? All ideas are welcome!

We'd particularly enjoy some suggestions for Indian on Gerrard, and which of the many Ethiopian places to try.


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  1. Hey welcome to the neighbourhood.

    Coffe Places - Red Rocket Cafe on the Danforth on the second block east of Greenwood.

    Nice Bakeries - Patisserie la Cignone has amazing French pastries on the corner of Danforth at Monarch Park. (2 blocks east of Greenwood).

    Butcher - Jerry's when you are there ask for Kevin. He has never steered me wrong he knows his cuts of meat, his BBQ and how to prepare it. On the second block east of Greenwood.

    Cheap and Cheerful - There are some of each but not many of both. (sorry I sound like a 'foodie') there used to be a really good local but they closed about a year ago and I still miss them.

    Sandwich palces, umm not really.

    Splurgey places - Morgans. They replaced my old local and do a pretty good job of the splurgy food. Their fried chicken is amazing and so are their burgers and pastas. Ask for Anthony he is the scottish bartender and will look after you.

    Ethiopian - try Dukem just west of Donlands on the Danforth. There are a number of good reviews.

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      Morgans - splurgey. Really? Is that the best we can offer? Yikes, depressing.

      I would walk a little further west over to Pape and go anywhere else over Morgan's. Somewhere like 7 Numbers even. At best, Morgans is your standard pub fare done just okay.

      Hell I'd say Patisserie la Cignone would make for a more 'splurgey' meal than Morgan's.

      And what's wrong with sounding like a foodie?

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        It is all relative in this area. As you have said there isn't much near Greenwood and Danforth YET. I am hopefull that he area is getting better. When I moved here a few years back there was almost nothing.

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          True enough although I had such a crappy experience at Morgan's I hate to recommend it even for every day dining never mind splurge worthy.

          I would take somewhere like Ill Fornello's at Pape, which actually is pretty decent and good prices, over Morgan's.

    2. Awesome - thanks! Any ideas for local Indian?

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        There may be some older threads you can search on CH that can help you out as well.

        Bakeries: Cozy Corner Cafe, Serrano, Select Bakery.

        Indian-Pakistani: Makkah Restaurant (stick to their tandoori items like naan, kabobs and chicken tikka) or drive 10 minutes north and go to Raby's on Overlea Blvd. Located beside Bamiyan, which is Afghani, but has great kabobs and grilled items.

        Ethiopian: Dukem (although there are like 10 other new ones to choose from, as this area has grown into the East African strip)

        Pizza: Danforth Pizza House, Pizzeria Libretto and Mr. Pide.

        I haven't tried Red Rocket, but The Only Cafe on Donlands and Danforth was always decent.

      2. Agree about Dukem as being the best of the older crowd of Ethiopian eateries. It has a nice variety of dishes.

        In Little India, Udupi Palace has very good dosas and uthapams.

        Our favourite Turkish pide place is Pizza Pide at Pape and Gerrard. However, we haven't yet tried Mr. Pide on the Danforth, which we hear is good.

        Patisserie La Cigogne is great. The mirabelle plum tart is a favourite. The eclairs are wonderful too.

        In terms of Greek, Astoria is my favourite for grilled meats and their yoghurt and quince dessert is really nice. Both Mezes and Ouzeria are good for mezes.

        Back on Gerrard, dim sum at Pearl Court is cheap and decent. Mi Mi has great Vietnamese soups and dishes. Hanoi 3 Seasons is not as comfy as the new location but the cooking is delicious. Rose's does very good banh mi.

        Hammersmith's at Logan and Gerrard does a pretty good brunch.

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        1. re: Dr. John

          Hey Dr. John-I've been wanting to try Dukem for a while now. Do you know if they are licensed? Seems many of the Ethiopian places along the Danforth are not, and I want to find a place a little closer to home than my beloved Nazareth. Thanks.

          1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

            Dukem is licensed. They have basic wines and mixed drinks. From what I remember, I think they carry at least one Ethiopian beer (St. George's?). Lalibela definitely has Ethiopian beer. I don't think either have Ethiopian wine (which is not a big loss). I am still on the hunt for a place that serves tej - Ethiopian honey wine.

        2. Ditto what Kooper said. I'm actually close to Donlands but walk east every so often. There is a bakery about 4 doors east of Greenwood, north hand side called North Pole. Not nuts about the bread but the Cannoli's were voted best in the city (haven't tried them yet). What I have tried is the daily pasta and I loved it! Have had cheese filled ravioli twice and it's been delish, would recommend it for an inexpensive homemade lunch.
          Near Donlands there is a good dim sum restaurant called Haw Gow, good for take out. There is good Indian / Pakistani called Makkar (I believe). It's on the north hand side of the Danforth just a few stores east of Donlands.

          1. Gerrard Pizza and Spaghetti (just west of Coxwell on Danforth) is relatively cheap, and cheerful.

            I was racking my brain for splurgey places on the Danforth, and huh, I can't think of any notable ones. I guess maybe the Globe at Broadview qualifies. Or you can go to Allen's and become part of the ongoing service/food debate that rages on this board about that place. :)

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            1. re: Pincus

              Thanks, all! Much appreciated. We'll try these in due course, and post some impressions when we do. :)

            2. I'm at Jones and Danforth.

              Dukem is excellent Ethiopian, does takeout and is licensed.

              As far as I'm concerned, Danforth Pizza is arguably the best pizza in town- and I don't say this lightly. I adore Libretto & Queen Margherita, but the old-schoolness of the DP takes the cake. Mind you, it's an eccentric joint, run by one guy (Angelo) who's been making pizzas since the dawn of time. They don't deliver and when it gets too busy, he takes the phone off the hook which means you need to walk your order in and then go back to eat it. Do it. Completely worth the pain-in-the-assness. But you don't eat it there; you either take it home or you go to-

              The Only Cafe. Awesome hip (as opposed to hipster) bar-slash-coffee joint, with tons of taps and atmosphere, and you can take food in.

              I'd also be remiss not to mention Chino Loco, an exceptionally good Asian/Latino burrito bar at Greenwood, just north of Queen. Their fish burritos are ridiculously good.

              Square Boy's gyro-on-a-bun is transcendent.

              Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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              1. re: biggreenmatt

                The One in The Only is great! I took Danforth Pizza House pizza there for the first time last month. It was a very pleasant experience. :)

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                  hey biggreen - i always thought it meant the stars were aligned when the phone was off the hook at danforth pizza. walk to danforth pizza (exercise!), order, walk to the only for a beer (more exercise!), then go back and pick up your pizza.

                  and i definitely second your reco for chino loco's fish burritos. fabulous!

                2. I second Danforth Pizza house. It's ridiculously delish and so old school. How frustrated have I been to hear the busy signal on the other end of the line.......
                  I've been in the neighbourhood and only today have I tried the One coffee shop. It was great, very cozy, friendly service and really good drip coffee.

                  1. For meat, I like to go to Strickland's Choice Meat on Greenwood and Gerrard. It's a family owned business run by a couple of brothers who've been in the business all their life. Really great service, and good quality meat. I regularly purchase their sausages, ground meat, and honey from there.

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                    1. re: asagiri

                      Thanks - I've been wondering about that place, and will check it out.

                    2. Welcome to the neighbourhood. Our young family has been on Linnsmore for a few years. Danforth/Greenwood retail has been making slow progress and continues to struggle to keep up with the amazing pace of the residential improvements.
                      For meats I recommend Royal Beef. The shop has been around forever and provides excellent and rare cuts as well. Located closer to Woodbine near East Lynn Park.
                      I also recommend Meat Dept on Danforth east of Broadview which will be right across the road from a rather large LCBO now being built. Meat Dept is amazing for selection and service. Pricey but good. Also known for ready made bbq chicken. Beautiful layout inside!
                      For bakeries I like Celena's closer to Woodbine across from the park. A younger couple owns this shop. Its been around for 2 or 3 years. Good selection of breads, desserts, quiche, etc..
                      Cozy Cafe Bakery right across is also okay.
                      My favourite Danforth bakery is probably Dough, closer to Broadview but worth the walk. Amazing breads, cinnamon rolls are unbelievable. I think are now doing pizzas closer to the weekends. You must go there.


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                      1. re: wrightway

                        To add to your recommendation of Royal Beef, it has a great deli counter with a variety of high end products, including my favorite Mad Mexican salsas and chips. Fresh pitas and tzatziki are delivered on weekends, as are cannoli. And prices are reasonable.

                        1. re: Full tummy

                          For meat the butcher at marsellis (danforth west of donands ) is excellent. Prices very reasonable and wide selection. Closer then royal beef. That's never been the same since Paul died.

                      2. Just a ten minute walk east towards Coxwell there are lots of good choices.
                        Ethiopian: Wazema and Renezvous
                        "Splurgey": Melanies Bistro
                        Hamburgers (especially on Hamburger nite): TKOs where there's also good taps
                        Just say no: Sarah's

                        btw, if you have moved here from the Junction, does this mean our area is on the Hipsters' crosshairs?

                        1. places that haven't been mentioned yet:

                          jean's vegetarian has vegetarian malaysian and thai food. run by a nice malaysian family.

                          on gerrard, lahore tikka house. aside from going during lunch/dinner, try to also go later at night one day for the snacks (though i don't know what it is like in the winter, as opposed to the lively summer months, with all the families congregating there).

                          i haven't tried many but the restaurants in little india i have tried i did not really like that much, including ones that people raved about to me. udupi palace is decent though. you can also get interesting indian and pakistani snacks along gerrard.

                          batifole (french bistro) might be "splurgey" - it's on gerrard by chinatown. i have only tried it once, during a summerlicious or winterlicious but i enjoyed the food and the fries were the best i had ever had.