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Sep 10, 2012 06:01 AM

Dining Recommendations - Savannah

Visiting Charleston and Savannah... In Charleston, reservations at McCrady's (catching end of Restaurant Week), Ansons and FIG.

In Savannah, reservations at Elizaeth on 37th and the Olde Pink House and Sapphire Grill but I am rethinking Sapphire Grill.... Should I switch to Local 11 Ten ? BMatthews is closed for renovations... I have read through all the boards...

Interested in hearing what everyone has to say....
Thanks muhc

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  1. Elizabeth's and the Pink House are solid choices. Have never been to Sapphire Grill or Local 11 Ten so have no opinion on them.

    The Pink House and Garibaldi have the same owners, I kind of like Garibaldi better. I pick a night to go there when I will enjoy the more lively atmosphere and have several cocktails and/or wine.

    Also, consider Noble Fare. One of our favorite places. Small, intimate, very good food.

    1. Locall 11 Ten is outstanding. Have drinks on their rooftop bar before dinner. Enjoy your trip.

      1. Local 11 ten is really great! This would be my top recommendation. Elizabeth on 37 is good and worth a visit but between the two Local 11 ten is more fit for foodies. The mussels appetizer is not to be missed. The Bison ribs are amazing. Enjoy

        1. The Olde Pink House is hands down my favorite! Might I suggest the flash fried flounder? Out of this world. Locall 11 Ten is also hubby and I's favorite for cocktails.

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            We're back and thanks everyone for the recommendations. You folks are right on the money !
            Charleston we loved McCreadys, especially loved Fig ..nice vibe, great food and traded in Ansons for Husk (no reservation but went early, put our name on the list and had drinks at the bar until we got a table)...and it did not disappoint. Now to Savannah... was very surprised with Olde Pink House...we loved it and yes, my husband did have the fried flounder and said it was probably one of the best fish dish he has ever had ! Great service and we visited the tavern in the bank vault.. Was pleasantly suprised. Also very much liked Noble Fare... although the menu was small and one entree was not available.. so a little disappointing but great food... The big disappointment was Elizabeths on 37th.... I was not very impressed with the food... The house is beautiful and the service excellent but the food was a little better than average and very pricey. i also never had an amuse bouche that was a complete palette killer before... a mussel in a very spicy smoky tomato sauce... I am so sorry we did not dine at Local 11 Ten which had a great vibe .... we did have drinks there... Our inn keeper did tell us that it . was sold 3-4 years not sure if that is true and is sort of in line with other things I have read on this board..
            Thanks again for the input..... Hope someone else can use it also !

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              I'm so glad you had a nice trip! And very happy to hear you had a pleasant experience at the Olde Pink House. We took our two younger girls to Disney World all last week, but stayed over night in Savannah on the way. My husband suggested I take the girl's to the Pink House for dinner that night since they had never been, and he would go watch the game at a nearby pub. I had the scallops this time, my 14 year old had the flounder, and I just asked our server to bring out an extra plate for my 4 year old. My 14 year old loved the flounder, my 4 year old devoured everything we put on her plate. I do have to mention that the scallops were perfectly cooked, but alittle gritty in two of them. Next time we visit Charleston I will definitely be trying Husk. I'm glad it did not disapoint!

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              Cocktails, indeed . . . if we lived in Savannah my husband would be at the bar at Local 11 Ten every week. On our recent trip we ate at the bar three times, all due to Ryan, the outstanding craft bartender who worked his magic, mixing excellent drinks from a wide variety of bourbons, gins and alcoholic esoterica, as well as bitters, herbs, and fruit. Outstanding food that we ate included the wonderful green salad with local strawberries and crisped prosciutto, the duck, mussels, and a cheese plate from the dessert menu that Ryan recommended one evening when we didn't want a full dinner. When we told Ryan we were heading to Charleston he wrote out a list of recommended craft bars and restaurants for us to try. This place was definitely a highlight of our trip.