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Sep 9, 2012 10:29 PM

5 a 7 suggestions in Old Montreal

Hi Everyone,

Next month we're getting married in Montreal and we want to do a cinq a sept drinks get together with some Quebec/Montreal shared plates the night before our wedding. We're from Vancouver so we thought this would be fun to start out our Montreal wedding weekend. I was hoping for a tavern like environment with platters of meats, cheeses, maybe other tapas-like food on platters or wooden cutting boards. It would be nice if the place were lively but not too too loud or noisy so that we can still talk to the person next to us. Its not a rehearsal dinner so there is no need for people to make speeches and such until our wedding the next day :-) I was hoping for somewhere in Old Montreal as we will be staying in that area.

Thanks for your help beforehand!


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  1. L'assomoir on Notre-Dame would fit the bill, they have various platter of "tapas" to share and a long and extensive drinks menu

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      None of their websites seem to work. Are they still open? Or can you provide a working weblink? Thanks.

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          That doesn't work either. ("can't find server") Thanks.

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              Thanks. Got it to work. Unfortunately, doesn't look like it has wine by the glass. More liquor, scotch, cocktail, martini place?

    2. Hi Everyone, I was gonna book the place you all suggested but I read reviews that it had a DJ and can get noisy. Any other 5 a 7 suggestions for next month please? It will probably be 6-8 people with some elderly people on a Friday night. We love the shared food platters but preferably where we can sit and talk to each other too. We're staying on St Paul, walking distance would be nice but we can taxi somewhere too.

      Thanks for your help!

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        Try Communion ( Very nice space, good food and drinks, should have the look you have in mind. You can also Le Local (

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          What about Hambar in Hotel St-Paul on McGill Street? The link is

          They have a charcuterie platter, including pata negra jamon iberica. The food is quite good and it's a nice space, although it is slightly pricey.

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          Maybe Verses Bar, in Hotel Nelligan. Very nice and cosy settings.
          Never eaten there, though.
          Good luck!

        3. Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! I just wonder how the walk is to these places. We are staying at a hotel at St Paul @ St. Sulpice St. and although most of these locations are a 1-4 blocks away according to the map, if I remember correctly some of the streets in old Montreal are kinda uphill or downhill off of St Paul Street right? I've visited Montreal once before but only visited Old Montreal briefly. Rain plus some elderly guests might make the walk challenging. Are Communion, Le Local or Hambar hilly walks from our hotel? I looked into Verses and it would be perfect but they don't seem to have share plate options :-( Perhaps if anyone has feedback on these locations or maybe a 5 a 7 location on Rue St Paul?

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            Hambar shold be no more than a 6-minute walk from St-Paul corner St-Sulpice and it is flat, no incline. Le Local would be a further 5-minute walk west, but I think Hambar fits your original requirements better than Local.