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Sep 9, 2012 08:34 PM

Which country has the most cheese-centric cuisine?

This thread,, got me thinking.

What cuisine uses the most cheese in their preps?

Is it Italian? Mexican? French? Spanish?

Some other cuisine?

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  1. Switzerland, England, Ireland, France, Italy? USA ;)

    1. My guess would be us (U.S.)...we'll put cheese in/on/under anything. Not that that's such a bad thing...

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      1. The US may consume the most cheese, with pizza a big factor, but I wouldn't call American cuisine "cheese-centric." For that I'd look to countries where cheese is featured in its own right, in dishes like fondue or as a separate course. Switzerland, maybe?

        1. the one with the most underdevolped pallet. so france

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            Hey, the french have drones, on the lookout!

          2. Easily Switzerland. There are a number of dishes based entirely on cheese, and I happen to like nearly all varieties of cheese from Switzerland. Raclette is a favorite.