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Sep 9, 2012 08:16 PM


Hey hey! It's ma' birthday next week-the big 3-0!!
I was wondering if anyone can suggest some DELICIOUS AUTHENTIC Italian restos in Toronto or Woodbridge please.
Neither fusion, nor Queen St'esque trendy restos, but real Italian with a pretty decent, cozy atmosphere and good wine!
An Italian head chef is a must.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Nove Trattoria at Yonge and St Clair is a very cute and cozy space, with good wine and the head chef and waiters are all Italian.

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    1. re: TeRReT

      which dishes would you recommend the most at Nove?

      1. re: prima

        I am a big fan of beef carpaccio and caprese salad, so I always order them when I go there, the beef carpaccio I am quite fond of there. I have also asked for just a mixed antipasto platter which they have accommodated and was good. I quite like the fettuccine della nonna as well as the lamb pappardelle. I have had the Mirella pizza as well and it was very good. Have heard good things about the focaccia though I have not tried one yet.

    2. Sapora or Zafferano's in Woodbridge. Being italian I can honeslty say that both (owned by the same family) are authentic. My parents rarely ever eat out, but they've frequented both places a few times.
      Both are fancy, but Sapora is a litte more upscale. Zafferano's chef was brought in from Italy. I don't know about the chef at Sapora's.

      Sapora, - Hwy #27 just north of Hwy 7.
      Zafferano's - Weston Rd between langstaff & Hwy 7 on the East side

      1. Depends on what exactly you're looking for. There are many regions within Italy. If you're looking for a Sicilian trattoria or a good risotto from Parma. All regions are well represented in this city. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Queen Margherita Pizza at Queen and Greenwood on the east side. The pizza oven was flown in from Napoli and the owners are Italian as well. Better pies than the ones I had in Rome for sure.

        1. The atmosphere at Carisma is more Euro Contemporary than cozy, but Carisma's classic Italian food is "authentic" and delicious, AFAIK the head chef is Italian, and the restaurant is owned by "authentic" Italians.

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          1. re: prima

            I just ate at Carisma tonight - went there with high expectations, too high apparently as the experience was terrible. Ordered burrata and was served the rind only; the carpaccio came still frozen. Pappardelle cinghale was bland. The vegetables that accompanied the veal were stone cold.
            My fave Italian restos in TO: Noce, La Campagnola, La Bruschetta

              1. re: prima

                Yes, sorry! I haven't been there since late last winter...forgot the exact name.

                1. re: jenners

                  Sorry to hear Carisma was so disappointing for you.

                  Will have to try La Bruschetta one of these days. Haven't dined out on the Corso in a long time!

          2. if it's not too late, i'll recommend the big ragu very old school & cozy. i'm not italian, but i know italian foodies who love it there.

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            1. re: smartygirl

              don't forget the former romagna name now...everything else is the same....fresh truffles and a chef that travels to italy twice a year...

                1. re: prima

                  What is the connection between paganellis and romagna mia?
                  In addition to on street parking is there some where to park nearby Paganellis?

                  1. re: Herne

                    The owners rebranded Romagna Mia "Paganelli's". Pretty sure it's the same people running it, and that they're still known for their risotto and Northern Italian dishes. I haven't been since the name change. It's located near St. Lawrence Market, so there are some lots south of the Market building, as well as some underground lots in the neighbourhood.

                    1. re: prima

                      Ok I've got it. Same building and different name.

                      I have had risotto there several times and was confused and assumed when the name changed it ment the restaurant had closed and the location was taken over by another concern.

              1. re: smartygirl

                I second the Big Ragu. Haven't been in a while, but it was very good the last time that I was there.