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Sep 9, 2012 08:16 PM

Pounds of Fresh Fresno, Serrano, Red Jalapeno Chile Peppers - what to do with them?

This weekend at the farmers market I purchased a few pounds of a variety of ripe chili peppers - Fresno's, Serrano's and Red Jalapenos.

I used the Fresno's and the Serrano's to make a couple batches of Sriracha - one fermented and one fresh...and i'm going to make another batch of chili-garlic sauces, but I still have a few pounds left. I've been searching the web and chowhound for things to do with them, and there are a few recipes out there that look decent (e.g. harissa) but I'm not really sure what to do with the rest of them.

I love spicy food, condiments, marinades, etc - make lots of jerk, spice rubs, etc. but I'm not quite sure what to do with so many peppers. I would love to hear any suggestions any of you 'hounders have.

They also have lots of habaneros and Thai and Birds-eye peppers, which I'm going to dive into next weekend.


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  1. I leave them whole and freeze them to use all winter long.

    You could pickle some of them to use on sandwiches - the milder ones, anyway.

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      I've wondered about freezing peppers. Don't they get mushy when they defrost? Or do you blanch them first?

      1. re: team_cake

        They do get mushy, but work fine for stews and salsas, especially cooked ones.

        1. re: JonParker

          Thank you. Good to know. I predict we'll have some extra peppers popping up in our garden this week. I'll plan to freeze a few.

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        Thanks- appreciate the thoughts. - I've got some habaneros from past years in the freezer - the keep the flavor and spice if not the texture to answer the question below. I'm more looking for recipes to use them fresh now, since I've got ton's of dried peppers available (whole and ground) already.

        Pickling's a good idea -but these are rather spicy.

        1. re: mikelowie

          What kind of technique do you use for drying peppers?

          Also would love to find some Scotch Bonnet Peppers for Jerk and Pepper Sauce

      3. Dehydrate and grind to a powder. Use to spice up sauces.

        1. Giardiniera. Web up a recipe.
          Basically, chop, clean, brine, rinse, and cover with olive oil and vinegar. You obviously like chile. This is a condiment Chicagoans have used for years and years. Great for eggs, pizza, sandwiches - and a whole lot more. I don't heat can mine, I store it in the fridge with a heavy garlic profile. I use the pre-jarred garlic to avoid any real scare of food related illness. I do a major batch of this stuff every year, and ppl fight over it.

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            Sometimes I wish chowhound had a "like" button to hit! You have the winning response, in my opinion!

            1. Hot pepper jelly. Amazing on fried chicken and biscuit sandwiches. Or with cream cheese wontons. Or eggrolls. Heck, scrambled eggs. Toast.