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Sep 9, 2012 07:26 PM

Fish Seafood in Marlboro

My wife and I went for our 17th anniversary. The service couldnt have been worse on a Sunday night. Nobody at the door to greet us, so we sat at a two-top in the lounge. Nobody greeted us for 15 minutes...heck, nobody acknowledged us period. somebody finally came over and brought us a second place setting and menus, but still never spoke. 5 more minutes went by and somebody brought us bread and water, and but still did not speak. We waited 10 more minutes and then left...host never said anything as we left and bartender never tried to stop us. Too bad service as declined so much since they were Coral Seafood. For what they charge, they've got a nerve. At least have the courtesy to come to the table and explain why service is slow. We left and went to Wildwood Steakhouse down the street. Great food, great service and prices were even a little lower. Sorry Fish...YOU LOSE.

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  1. Interesting first post. What other places do you like?

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      In my area, Kennedys Pub, Chloe, Old Schoolhouse, and Tommasso. Sorry, i was pretty annoyed when i wrote that last night!

    2. What was specifically so good about Wildwood?

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        Service was polite and on point, food prepared correctly and tinely and orices were reasonable.

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          Sounds like a nicer experience, for sure. Can you comment on the dishes you had? Curious.....their menu looks decent, just wondering what's good.

      2. Calamari in a tomato type sauce, both filets (wildeood and terraki), side salad, caesar salad, and then split a bananas foster(more like a banana split...but great!)