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Sep 9, 2012 06:14 PM

Where can I find some great tortellinis (to eat at home)

I'm looking for some great tortellinis to cook at home. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations about where to buy some (home cooked, good filling with interesting combos).


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  1. A great place I have been going for my Ravolis,Tortellinis and fresh pasta is Casa dei Ravoli on Charland in St Leonard.Great pastas,fresh Daily 6 days a week.
    Casa Dei Ravoli
    2479 Charland

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      There is guy selling olive oil, tomato sauce and lasagna (homemade) on Fairmount street between St-Laurent st and Fairmount bagel (same side of the street of Fairmount bagel). He is a former chef and he normally sells what is in the store but he loves cooking and if you ask him, I am sure he could make you some. His name is Franco.

    2. I like to get tortellini at Maison des Pates Fraiches on Rachel or at Jean-Talon market - name of the place escapes me but it is near the organic meat shops and the fish shop that sells fried calamari.

        1. Casa die Ravoili on Charland is an excellent old school noodle factory in St Leonard. Five Nonna's work all day making some great pasta for their clients.Then go buy a couple of Canolis at Alati Caserta and you got a great meal. Enjoy

          1. Go to Pastadoro on Jean Talon E, near L'assomption.....great fresh in Montreal!