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Sep 9, 2012 06:13 PM

Jackson hole Restaurant reco's needed - no meat please

A non-meat eater looking for some good food in the 'village' area of Jackson Hole.

reading through the boards it seems that most of the recommendations won't work (meat based).

Any recommendations?


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  1. The huevos rancheros at Nora's in nearby Wilson are to die for and meatless. If you eat fish, their trout is also wonderful.

    1. It might be a little late, but in case it helps someone in the future...

      I can't think of any restaurants in Teton Village that cater specifically to vegetarians (like, Lotus, for example in Jackson), but there are certainly options. Osteria has excellent pizza and pasta and other vegetarian dishes. All of the high-end restaurants should have at least one or two dishes that are veggie. Terra Cafe has good soup and salad options. The Village Cafe has a portabello burger and a hummus wrap. Those last two are "order at the counter" type of places. But despite being in Wyoming, you will find that the restaurants are used to catering to individual food preferences and won't stare at you asking what the hell a vegan is! Enjoy!