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Sep 9, 2012 05:16 PM

By coffee by the pound in Boston?

I'm about to run out of coffee and I thought it would be fun to ask you guys where you like to get yours! I got my last pound from the thinking cup downtown and it was great. They have stumptown coffee, which is delish. Buut I'm always looking for new/possibly better options.

What do you like?

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  1. Anything Barismo roasts is excellent, and fresher than anything you will buy that has been shipped from elsewhere. They always have a wide selection at their original shop in Arlington and at Dwelltime, their coffee shop in Cambridge. They can talk you through whatever they have.

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    1. re: hckybg

      +1. Barismo is by far and away the best coffee beans I've found in the Boston area. Comparable to Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia in California.

    2. Polcari's in the North End:

      Worth a trip even if you don't buy anything.

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      1. re: wandergirl

        Agree on all counts! Their Italian Roast blend is pretty spectacular. Polcari's is my go to place for coffee as well as many other things.

      2. The Wired Puppy on Newbury street has some great coffee by the pound. They are very fussy about the source of their beans. I like the "Best In Show Espresso Blend." Here's a link:

        That will give you a run down of the various roast and the selection process.


        1. I really like the Fairtrade Coffee at Harvest Coop in Central Square, Cambridge (they moved to the opposite side of the street). A lot more flavor nuances than most coffees I've had and decent prices.

          1. Kiriani that Barismo has going now is pretty amazing. The yellow bourbon they're doing now is quite nice too (though i've only had it as pourover at dwelltime, haven't bought for myself yet).