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Sep 9, 2012 04:59 PM

Best Mexican Food [Detroit Area]

Hi to everyone, we will be staying in Romulus,Detroit en route to Cozumel and would like to dine in a authentic Mexican restaurant is there any about this area.

Gracias David

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  1. Two questions: will you have a car?, and why must you have Mexican food here, if the next day you are flying to actual Mexico? There is no special, nice Mexican food here. Just some good paper plate joints that will make tourists a little uneasy.

    1. If you've got a car, head for Taqueria Alameda, 906 S. Wayne Rd., Westland MI. Superb tinga tacos will get you in the mood! That and, as Jimmy Buffett says, "He was on his third drink before the wheels of the plane left the ground."

        1. re: davidandbess

          D&B, You are welcome for my reply. But, I should point out that if you review the board archive, Jim M's recommendation of Taqueria Alameda also happens to be a place I adore. I'm not sure you would want to rent(?) a car just to get there (500 sqft grocery in a skanky strip mall with an ice chest and a hot plate behind the counter, serving--YES tasty treats--on paper plates).

          My favorite place happens, fortunately, to have real plates and adult beverages and is not far from the airport: Mi Pueblo. FYI. Still, I'm not endorsing it as being worth the trouble, given all the other great non-"Mexican" food that is featured in DTW.

          1. re: VTB

            Gotta say, I too am perplexed why OP would want to try Mexican in Detroit on his way to Cozumel. But hey, it's his trip, not mine. If he were in the mood to listen to other suggestions, I would steer him toward Middle Eastern.

        2. There is a Mexicantown in Detroit, not terribly far from the airport, but most of the restaurants are typical American. Of the Mexicantown restos, I'd go to Los Galanes; it has less of an assembly line feel IMO. And they have some more authentic items like goat (not a fan, though!) And they have guarded parking which is not a bad thing

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          1. re: coney with everything

            We just dined at El Barzon the other night. It was absolutely fantastic. Much more authentic then mexicantown. There was a special rellenos that had a pork/fruit filling and was covered with a pecan cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. Amazing! Great margaritas as well.

            1. re: Quit2Chef

              They don't always have that dish, but when they do it's terrific. Yes, if you're going into Detroit (neighborhood is borderline, but parking is guarded at dinner hour), El Barzón is the place to go.

              1. re: Jim M

                VTB wtf we are only trying to get in the mood for our vacation geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz,lighten up man.
                El Barzon appears to be a good choice but we really wanted to stay around the Romulus area 10 mile max drive either way.

                1. re: davidandbess

                  If I were you, I'd try to fit my dining choice to what's around the airport and is good, and not stick to the one type of cuisine that's pretty difficult to find done well in SE Michigan. Although maybe it might be a good strategy to have mediocre food in the states to make your vacation food seem all the better.

                  Ypsi's 15 miles up 94, and you could try La Fiesta Mexicana. It's not mediocre in the slightest. The food's from Jalisco though, so basically the opposite side of Mexico from Cozumel. Not sure how in the mood that's going to get you.

          2. City slickers one and all! ;) I live hours from any reasonable semblance to Mexican food. If you want to get in the Mexican swing of things before takeoff, by all means, take advantage! You know Detroit's Mexican food isn't going to be as authentic as Quintana Roo, but if it's more than you'll get at home, go for it! It sounds like there are a few good suggestions here that could work - you just have to decide, margarita or no margarita? Have fun!