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Sep 9, 2012 02:47 PM

Best low carb lunchbags and school snacks for BIG & lil' KIDS......lookn for ideas

My lil'guy is a middle schooler and is attemptn this low carb way of eating for the first time. He is a very picky eater and coming from the typical "white foods"mentality. It's going to be tough b/c he lived for Ellio's pizza, chicken nuggets, macaroni and pb&j. I have started weaning him with cheese sticks, roasted chicken, and cheeseburgers on low carb wraps. We maintain nitrate/nitrite free foods. He likes to take a thermos to school so i can send in warmed's gonna be hard to omit his mac&cheese. As far as the 16 yo goes...she loves to take freshly carved meat and cheese low carb wraps, nuts and fruit, and salads with mozz and beans(lil' guy would never :(!!!!!) Sometimes I can send the older one with cottage cheese and fruit or greek yogurt...
Any kid friendly ideas would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Can you make and freeze some low/moderate carb chili that you send in with shredded cheese for toppings? Maybe a dish of par cooked pasta (less soggy and glycemic that way) in a very small ratio to some beef in sauce? How about baked chicken fingers with a low carb cracker/almond crust and a dipping sauce he loves? Does he have any favorite sandwich foods you could roll up in a low carb wrap and slice into pin wheels, which are always appetizing, I think? Maybe even mozzarella slices with tomato sauce and pizza topping for an unbaked pizza lunch? I used to send in soup in a thermos to which I added plenty of chicken or other meat.

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      Not sure if you saw my other so sorry for the delay in response posts....those are all good ideas. I have tried giving him the shiriitake noodles with olive oil shredded mozz,and grated cheese...some crumbled meatballs was a hit(although he would rather have
      rice) I have given in very small portions of al'dente tri colored(vege) pasta and although i drown it in melted cheeses for protein...I am still concerned about the flush look that comes over his face shortly after consuming it...makes me think its a no no...and now that I have backed off the pbj on white bread...I attempted a high fiber high protein cereal for breakfast and noted a similair reaction, coupled with horrible belly pain and a lengthly trip to the bathroom. I'm thinking a serum test for Celiac sensitivity will be the next stop....

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        It could also be soy, if that's in those products... so if gluten turns up ok consider that. I mean, it could be anything, but soy is added to a lot of low carb products. HTH.

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          I agree there, because I did see the same reaction after making protein shakes that were soy based. I'm not text lost me on the HTH???

    2. Celery sticks stuffed with cream cheese? bean salad (I make mine with rinsed white beans, salt, chopped shallot, lemon juice and olive oil)?

      1. Will he eat deviled eggs? Or hardboiled eggs? We like to pack them in a little clean-and-rinsed- out glass mustard jar. Cheese, turkey and ham slices rolled up in little logs are fun and easy to much. In the same little glass jar option, I love little dill pickles and olives (esp black olives, which kids seem to also love for their mildness)...these/eggs can also go into a thermos if you're nervous about glass with your little one.

        Also, frittata...a thick omelet (easiest to bake) of eggs, cheese, and your fave veggie or meat. Sort of like a crustless quiche. Good warm or at room temp.