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Sep 9, 2012 01:57 PM

Great Fried Fish Sandwiches

Any suggestions? Preferably a bar/resto somewhere between NoLibs and South Philly. I thought Khyber would have a catfish po'boy but it's only shrimp and oysters, I think Standard Tap has one but that place is a little blah... any and all locations appreciated!

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  1. Not a bar/resto (although they do have a small counter area where you can eat in), but you might try Ippolito's cooked seafood department. Just about everything I have had from there has been very good and not very expensive. Maybe do take-out?

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      Ahh I have been meaning to check out Ippolito's for so many reasons (especially the lobster taco) but I needed a rec for dinner with a friend tonight! Thanks so much for the suggestion and the reminder to hit Ito's though!

      1. re: AgentRed

        I tried the lobster tacos a few weeks ago and they were good but not great. The description says remoulade, but the sauce wasn't thick enough to be a remoulade. The lobster was also a little too chopped up for me. But trust me, just about *everything else* I have had there is really good. Namely, the fish cakes, the crab imperial, and the stuffed flounder.

        1. re: Philly Ray

          Excellent, thanks, will be sure to over-order!

    2. Catahoula has good Po Boys, and they make a catfish one. I have only had the oyster and soft shell crab (special) though. If you go, order an extra side of remoulade for the fries, you will thank me. Also I'm pretty sure I saw a catfish po boy on the specials board at Khyber the other night... and it looks like it's still up according to the website ( I like Khyber a lot but I do think the po boys are better at Catahoula (though they may be less authentic as they use local bread instead of bread shipped up from New Orleans... personally I have a taste for our bread, and it's fresher). I only tried the po boys at Khyber once, closer to when they first opened, so they may have gotten better.

      I suspect the best fried fish sandwiches are from little take out places in North and West Philly... I don't know spots, I hope someone chimes in.

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      1. re: barryg

        Khyber does do a catfish po boy and it is delicious.

        1. re: caga tio

          I always get the catfish po boy at the Khyber. It's awesome. I think it's always on their specials menu.

          Not in No Libs or S. Philly, but I also like Beck's catfish po boy in Reading Terminal.

          1. re: lawgirl3278

            Sounds like I have to try this catfish po boy.

            1. re: barryg

              ^ seconded. Thanks for the advice everyone!

              Also, Alla Spina has a fish BLT sort of sandwich, it's not the traditional battered/crusted fish but it's still pretty great.

      2. Oyster House also has a good catfish po boy, but I think it's only available during lunch and brunch.