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Sep 9, 2012 01:45 PM

Breakfast / Dinner options in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland?

Hi all!

My husband and I are driving up from New Mexico for a conference in Michigan this weekend and are looking for some of your stellar advice. We like finding those places that serve fresh ingredients and local specialties. Hoping for a medium to low price point. That said, what are your recommendations for the following?

* Breakfast in Holland

* Breakfast in Kalamazoo

* Dinner in Grand Rapids

Super excited to visit some of our favorite breweries while we're out there too!!

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  1. Although you may have already returned from your visit, I would like to offer a couple of suggestions. Western Michigan is unique in the fact that agriculture is still a huge business. You will pass beautiful farms and enjoy fresh eggs, meats and produce everywhere in W. Michigan. The Dutch influence is still very visible - particularly in Holland. De Boers is a unique bakery and breakfast spot in Holland. Nothing fancy - but it specializes in breads and pastries which celebrate the unexpected variety of Dutch baking. Good solid food.

    Grand Rapids also is known for the "farm to fork" variety of good eating. I like San Chez, Electric Cheetah and One Trick Pony. Other specialties include:

    Hope you enjoy the wonderful variety of foods this great state has to offer!

    1. For dinner in Grand Rapids, my favorite place is Grove, which specializes in contemporary American small plates.

      Restaurant website -
      Detailed Chowhound report -

      I also really like, the contemporary American restaurant in the JW Marriott downtown.

      Restaurant website -
      Detailed Chowhound report -

      And Leo's, the downtown seafood restaurant, is always terrific.

      Restaurant website -
      Detailed Chowhound report -

      The three topics in which those detailed reports appear all contain comprehensive recommendations for Grand Rapids.