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Sep 9, 2012 01:46 PM

Ideas for Paprika condiment?


I have this container-ful of the mostb divine parika paste that I bought at a butchery-restaurant in Budapest.
Of course, I couldn't resist cracking it open for a taste. And two. So now I have an open container that I must use quite quickly. I have eaten it with marinated and grilled beef, can do a few more meats.

It's a very thick, very flavourful condiment of great Hungarian paprika and I would liek to make the best possible use of it. (Cooking WITH it would be a sinful waste)
Any suggestions how I could best use it?

Thanks! ;)

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  1. I'm thinking a hoagie roll spread with that wonderful paste you have, filled with some grilled skirt steak and fried onions.

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      Sounds good :) Meat, fried onions, paprika = always a sure winner in my book. Thanks!

    2. My Chilean grandmother always serves her beans and lentils with a swirl of some paprika warmed in olive oil. Maybe a riff on that?

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      1. re: venushakti

        Hmm, I love beans and lentils. Will try this in some way. Sure to be good, if not great.
        But if you would like to send some beans recipes from your grandmother my way, they would be much appreciated ;)

      2. Mix it with some mayonnaise for a sandwich spread. I also would use it in potato salad. Or baked stuffed potatoes.

        Add it to melted butter to baste chicken or turkey with.

        Add it to softened butter to melt over steaks, and grilled fish or seafood.

        Mix it with softened cream cheese to spread on bagels, sandwiches, or mix with scrambled eggs.

        Add to oil and drizzle over steamed potatoes or veggies.

        Hope that helps!

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          I've seen that it works with stronger-tasting meats, rather than chicken or fish. However, it works well with jacket potato with gorgonzola :)
          Mixing with oil is also a good idea!

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            Mix it with mayo and crushed garlic, put it on everything - sandwiches, fish, veggies....!

            There's also green onion festival in Spain that uses a paprika based Romanesco sauce:



          2. Cut 1 inch pieces of broccoli and cauliflower, line a baking sheet with them, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a little Kosher salt and pepper and the paprika. Roast at 425 for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, caramelize some onion. Put in a pot and add homemade chicken stock. Use an immersion blender to soup consistency (I like to leave a few chunks). Makes a wonderful, low calorie, creamy soup. You won't even miss the cream or cheese.

            Actually, the roasted veggies are good on their own.

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              In fact, those roasted veggies are REALLY good on their own! :) Thanks!

            2. Grilled cheese on multigrain bread with arugula and some of that interesting spread

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                It works on only a very few cheeses, i saw. Strangely, it was good with gorgonzola.