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Sep 9, 2012 01:37 PM

Home Kitchen Cafe, Rockland Me

Heard they are open for dinner now but website does not reflect that. Does any one know?

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  1. Drove by the other day and it was closed at 5pm with a sign saying breakfast and lunch. Maybe it's different on Fri and Sat, not sure. Heard they are expanding upwards, as in building a 2nd floor/upstairs.

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    1. re: jackattack

      Thanks. I think you are right. I called and got a recording that they are closed much of this week for renovations.

      1. re: shaebones

        I don't think they'll be open for least I haven't heard that. They will be closed for awhile (up to a month according to Facebook!)! OUCH.

        Building up and out is what I heard.

      2. re: jackattack

        We were in today and they told us that they're closing down Sunday afternoon for about a month of renovations. Breakfast today was disappointing, they had no corned beef hash. The omelet was good but the thin crunchy breakfast potatoes were too heavily seasoned.