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Sep 9, 2012 01:10 PM

Best Wursts in Berlin

Will be in Berlin for 3 days and our favorite foods include the wonderful salumis of Italy and the chacuterie in France. Looking for the best wursts in Berlin and recommendations for good, interesting meals representative of the area. Not looking for michelin pricing but close to michelin quality. Staying in the Museum Isle area and would love to find some neighborhood places as yet undiscovered.

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  1. I've heard great stuff about this place, and it's near where you are staying:

    Weinbar Rutz has two Michelin stars, but their bar area on the ground floor is more low-key, and they offer great value -- regional specialties, great wine selection:

    Katz Orange is one of my new personal favorites, a very cool restaurant with the best fries in the world (fried in organic goose fat) and a slow-roasted pork that will make you swoon. Also located in Mitte.

    Zum Schwarzen Hasen is a cute little restaurant offering small plates of German specialties at very reasonable prices.

    Let me know if there are other cuisines you're interested in.

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      Thanks much for the tips. Both websites offered mouth watering selections. Only in Berlin for 3 nights and we will have just come from Brittany. How about one personal favorite other than Katz Orange. Will gladly report back.

      1. re: pepisstud

        I'd go with Katz & Weinbar Rutz then, as I haven't eaten at Meisterst├╝ck and I'm not always comfortable recommending places I personally haven't been to.

        Or did I misunderstand and you are *not* interested in Katz Orange?

        1. re: linguafood

          No, you're correct. Definitely doing Katz Orange. Zum Schwarzen Hasen looks nice too as does Weinbar Rutz. Will probably try for those 3 since they are really close to where we are staying, the menus look interesting and each seems quite different from the other. Thanks!