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Sep 9, 2012 12:29 PM

Gabbys is opening in the Junction!

Gabbys will be opening in the Junction, relatively soon and I'm wondering if it's a place to be excited over? In all honesty, there isn't a whole lot of great fare to eat in the neighbourhood. People rave about Vesuvios and while it's good, it has become tiresome after a while. The Friendly Thai is decent but I'm not that adventurous so I really do stick to the Pad Thai which is excellent!

Any feedback on Gabby's ?? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you never been to a Gabby's?

    They're awful. Terrible boxed food and a nothing atmosphere.

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    1. re: magic

      Completely agreed. If you want a pub in the Junction, go to 3030, Gabby's will not be what you're looking for.

    2. generic watering hole, attracts the 'dodgier' element i've noticed

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      1. re: dannyboy

        Crossroads in the Junction along with Celts welcomes all the "dodgies" for us. Gabby's will rival Bar 3030 and their cooler-than-you attitudes for business (which is a good thing). It will also make Axis step their game up, maybe even work on their awful mains/entrees. Gabby's will be a good spot for us Junctioners to grab a pint, some cheap wings on Wednesdays, and watch some sports. Nothing more, nothing less. Looking forward to it

        1. re: 00CP

          hopefully it's a good addition - i can only go on the others like the one on roncy near my for instance...Gabbys is a bit different a demographic though, kinda meat and potatoes with generic beers vs. 3030 and the indie alehouse (which im dying to check) that are focused on craft beer and food. 3030 by the way is a great spot i like what they're trying to do there. Just think they should find a way to divide the front and back a bit so you can have a bit of quiet still if a band is playing

          1. re: 00CP

            Crossroads closed awhile back. As far as I know, it's still closed.

            1. re: Jacquilynne

              You're completely right, I mixed up crossroads with the rummy bar on the South/East corner of Keele & Dundas. I tried google-mapping the location and name but the images were taken back last year when they were refacing the building, and the signage was pulled down at the time.

              1. re: 00CP

                Oh, yeah, I know the place you mean. They do a not half bad flat top burger, but the clientele is a little intimidating, and they are apparently unaware of the existence of smoking bylaws.

                  1. re: vidal_sassooon

                    Thank you Vidal! We usually just call it "the sh*thole on the corner"

        2. Kellz: you should try Locomotive's sandwich offerings, some really good ones in there (Piri Piri and Brisket come to mind). Also check out La Revolucion @ Dundas & Keele if you like Mexican, its regional and well done.

          1. There is a chance a new Gabby's might be a quirky fun place, but I agree with the others not to hold your breath.

            1. Thanks a bunch for all the replies! I've never been to 3030 but I've heard that it's a great place to have a few pints. I love Mexican but I didn't enjoy the food from La Revolucion. I did hear that it's great on Karaoke nights so perhaps I should give it another shot. Axis totally sucks, in terms of food and I'd rather grab a slice from V's. I have heard that the Locomotive is awesome so I guess I'll have to check it out!

              I think I'll make the effort to check Gabby's out. There really isn't a decent place around here to grab a pint and have a few wings. I suppose that time will tell!