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Sep 9, 2012 12:09 PM

Berlin Christmas 2012

We are going to be in Berlin, Germany near the Gendarmenmarkt, beginning Christmas Day evening, for 4 nights. We would appreciate suggestions for especially Christmas Day (dinner, dessert) since many eateries are closed that day. Since we will arrive on Christmas Day we would like to have German traditional food, but also like Italian, vegetarian. I have a terrible food allergy to seafood so I will have to avoid those specialty eateries. Do you know of a nice restaurant overlooking the Christmas market in Gendarmenmarkt that may be open that evening? Ideally, we would like to wander through the market alittle upon our arrival, then eat dinner, and later go to a midnight mass in a local church if possible. Can you suggest any local church services near this area? This will be our first experience in Berlin and want to make it memorable. I read the wonderful postings by linguafood in 2010, but would appreciate an update if possible. Many Thanks!!

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  1. Hehe. Sorry to chime in again.

    Have you checked out Lutter & Wegner right on Gendarmenmarkt? While I personally have yet to eat there, they always get good reviews here on this board. You'd have to check their website to see if they're open on Xmas day, or send them an email.

    The Berliner Dom might have a midnight mass

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      Thank you for the suggestion Linguafood. I just emailed them so hopefully that will work out. I could not see a menu on their website, but the restaurant looks very attractive. Their reviews do seem very good as you stated above.

      Do you have any lunch/cafe suggestions? Or dessert spots that you have liked?

      Thanks for the tip with Berliner Dom. I will see if I can email them to find out their services schedule. I appreciate your help in our vacation planning.

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        Well, if you're a big fan of cakes, tarts, pies and other confections, head on over to the Opernpalais on Unter den Linden -- they're cake selection is incredible!

        Also on Gendarmenmarkt is Fassbender & Rausch, a very large chocolate store (you could even have lunch there).

        As for lunch, it kind of depends on what you like to eat -- more tasty German food can be found at Zum Schwarzen Hasen on Oranienburger Strasse: German tapas that are incredibly well-made, small plates, none of which cost more than 7 €.

        There's also a wonderful Syrian lunch place that makes fantastic falafel -- Yarok on Torstrasse.

        Great pizza at Due Forni on Schönhauser Allee.

        Also, please feel free to check out my Best of Berlin posts on my blog, which you can find on my profile page.

    2. I'm not familiar with Berlin, but I will say that you aren't likely to find a midnight Mass following Christmas Day anywhere in the world. Christmas *Eve*, yes; Christmas *Day*, no.