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Sep 9, 2012 11:18 AM

Have I ruined my Le Creuset?

I have a round dutch oven that over the past 6 years of use developed some staining on the bottom, not too bad but enough to bother me. In a fit of over-zealous cleaning, I scrubbed it using a nylon scrubber and a mild abrasive. Yay! I got out the stains! But...after rinsing and drying the pot, i noticed that the texture of the scrubbed area has gone slightly rougher and the finish is matte, not shiny like the rest of the pot. The entire bottom of the pot is affected.

So, I've written to Le Creuset to ask them their opinion, but it'll be a few days at least before I hear back. What do you guys think? Is the pot fine to use? Or have I damaged the enamel too much?

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  1. You can use it, but things might tend to stick a little more now.

    1. I agree with Philly's assessment.

      1. Hi, babyraccoon:

        You're fine. If it took 6 years for this to happen, consider yourself lucky. My LC (the pieces I use anyway) all has the "matte" look to some degree, and I don't even notice it sticking any more than it ever did. Congratulations--your cookware now has character.


        1. Thanks everyone, you've put my mind at ease! I must have a go using the pot soon to see if I notice any difference in the stick factor.

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            Next time you have a stain use "Bar Keepers Friend" and a green scrubby. I have stuck to that with no scratching for 19 years.