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Sep 9, 2012 10:14 AM

Beer Growlers in Savannah

I remember recently reading that a new law was going to allow growlers to be filled in Savannah this spring. We have just moved here this week and wondered if anyone has recommendations on whether the law is now valid and if so, where are some good places to get your growlers filled? Also, I seemed to remember some quirk in the law that they could only fill growlers that were from that particular establishment, rather than reuse one from another bar?

Thanks for any help!

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Only in Savannah!! Alcohol is a way of life in that town

    2. Hopefully NC will change our growler laws soon!

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      1. re: SittingOnAMtnTop

        In what way? I thought we had growlers in NC. I know Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem sells them.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          Individual breweries can sell growlers full of beer they brew but I think in SC you could have a "growler store" and sell the beer of different breweries to customers

          1. re: quazi

            I have seen a variety of growlers from local brewers in the refrigerated beer section at Earth Fare in Asheville. They charge a refundable deposit on the bottle. I had never heard the term growler until I had family visit from Wisconsin who wanted to check out the local beer scene. They took home growlers of The Wedge.

            1. re: Windsor

              But at a growler store you bring in your own growler(or buy one there) and they fill it up with whatever you choose from their tap selection. Currently in NC it either has to be filled at the brewery that made it(with their growler) or pre-filled by a brewery if you buy it at a store such as earthfare or whole foods.

        2. re: SittingOnAMtnTop

          Sorry I should have clarified, I wish we could get growler fills (legally) at stores and beer bars. We have been able to purchase growlers at breweries or from a store that are already sealed and in that brewery's labeled growler for some time now.