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Sep 9, 2012 09:30 AM

looking for Peking Duck near Charlottesville, VA

My boyfriend really wants to find Peking Duck near here. An hour or so in any direction is fine. Any ideas?

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  1. Peter Chang's China Grill has a lot of duck dishes and is absolutely the best Chinese in the area. They might have Peking Duck. I know the other place he opened, Taste of China in Albemarle Square definitely has it on the menu.

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      Thank you! I thought of Chang's but knew they don't have Peking Duck on the menu, because I've looked. I forgot about TOC. We'll check that out.

    2. If you intend to be down near Richmond, the Full Kee is a Cantonese restaurant that has Peking Duck, however I was encouraged to call ahead for it.

      I can vouch that their roasted duck is good, so i imagine their Peking duck is very good. They have hanging roasted ducks in a window case near the front door, they grab one and take the cleaver to it right before your eyes if you are so inclined. My son was fascinated by this.