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Sep 9, 2012 09:10 AM

Need ideas for outdoor brunch/pool party

DBF and I are planning the last pool day before cooler weather. We want to get the better midday rays and not go the typical hotdogs/hamburgers route so we were thinking a brunch. Bloody Marys and Mimosas are requisite. I am on the lookout for somewhat easy to eat brunch foods that can serve 16, will sit out fairly well, and aren't too difficult to put together early in the morning. I was trying to draw inspiration from some early morning football tailgates. Thinking maybe sausages could be warmed on the grill, maybe bagels bar (cream cheese, lox, other flavored cream cheeses?), potentially frittatas, egg casseroles, quiche. Suggestions please!

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  1. I would do an egg casserole. When we make it we put it together the night before and then bake it the morning we need it. Cube fruit and the serve it with vanilla yogurt and brown sugar. Both make ahead and the yogurt is better the 2nd day. Add a vege heavy pasta salad with a vinegarette instead of mayo and your salmon lox option and you should be well rounded. If you need more of a sweet option you can do some cinnamon rolls or whatever your local bakery can support. Have fun!

    1. I love the bagel bar idea! Maybe also a yogurt parfait bar(yogurt,granola,fruits,nuts), & frittatas, fruit kabobs, maybe Monte cristos. Sounds fun!:)

      1. Mini hash brown frittatas are easy to make ahead & reheat. Spray a muffin tin with oil, put fresh shredded hash browns in the bottom & parbake for about 15 minutes at 350. Make your favorite frittata mixture of eggs, seasoning, bacon or other diced meat, vegs, etc. Sprinkle hash browns with shredded cheese of choice. Pour egg mixture evenly in each cup. Bake for another 8-10 or until set. My kids really like these.

        I also love getting frozen chocolate croissants at my local Trader Joes. Put them on a lined baking sheet to proof overnight. Just bake for 20 minutes the next day, super easy.

        1. Grilled fruit! That would be awesome to have out for people to eat and take advantage of the outdoor setting. Bruschetta would be great as well, with herb ricotta as a topping.

          1. I'm with vstock- I'd suggest some sort of strata or savory bread pudding; so easy because it's made the night before and just popped into the oven when the time comes. Makes your morning simple, and there are a thousand variations ranging from trailer park to haute cuisine... But those individual hashbrown frittatas sound awfully good too.

            Here's a favorite egg casserole; it's easy, vegetarian friendly but rich and satisfying, foolproof and truly delicious. Great with anything green- coleslaw or kale, string bean salad or field greens.