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Help, potluck on tuesday and need ideas.

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I just got a message about a potluck on tuesday, I need to make food for. I asked the hostess what i should make and all she said was something fun to share. I usually make a artichoke dip that everybody love, but i want to bring a different dish. I need ideas, I am thinking wings but I do not know if the store will have them. I would really like to use the croc pot.
Thanks Rodeo

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  1. Pick up a pork shoulder, cut off as much fat as possible, stuff three or four slivered garlic cloves into a few knife holes, season and rub, (don't forget the cumin) then drop it into the crock pot with some preheated chicken stock, an onion or two, a teaspoon or two of liquid smoke and a few herbs and spices (perhaps even a half can of root beer or cola) and cook it on medium for 4 - 6 hours or until it's falling apart. Pull it apart with a couple of forks, make a sauce from the cooking liquid and you're done. Take along a couple of packages of burger buns or hoagie rolls. Pulled pork is always a winner a pot lucks.
    Rather use beef?
    Pick up a nice chuck roast. Preheat a good spaghetti sauce and thin it down a bit with some chicken stock (broth if you don't have stock) and let that cook in the crock pot on medium for 4 - 6 hours until it virtually falls apart. Works as well as pork and is a nice alternative.

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      I do this when feeding a crowd and they love it but don't cut off the fat! So much flavor comes from there! By the time the pork is shreddable, you can just peel the fat off of it. If you want the broth/liquid less fatty, do it the day before, shred the meat and keep it in a separate container, and refrigerate the stock so the fat separates. Then just reaheat the meat and stock together in the crockpot for about an hour before serving. I serve mine with BBQ sauce.

    2. This quick cassoulet is one of my very favorite recipes! Perfect for the crock pot: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ra...

      1. Never underestimate the devilled egg. People love them and can't be bothered to make them. If you make 2 dozen with 3 or 4 different toppings you will be the hero of the party. Think capers on some, tiny shrimp on others, smoked paprika on more and fresh dill or chives on the rest. Or whatever your fancy dictates....

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        1. Pulled pork is very nice, and deviled eggs always disappear quickly.

          But I go either for the cheese ball (Formage forte) route or chocolate fondue with nutella. Not cheap but chocolate fondue can be placed in the slow cooker. Add a plate of dippable like strawberries, chopped bananas, Amoritti cookies, pretzels, and marshmallows and they will rave about it for months.

          1. Not for the crock pot, but a black bean and corn salsa with tortilla chips is always popular.

            I've often made a cheesy green chili rice dish for potlucks, and never have leftovers.

            1. I've hosted quite a few office food events, and a few things people love are: Lit'l smokies or meatballs in chili sauce/grape jelly sauce, cold cuts with cheese and crackers, clam chowder, chili, Velveeta/chili dip served with tortilla chips, macaroni and cheese and the already mentioned pulled pork and deviled eggs. I wouldn't spend too much time or money on making something fancy or gourmet, because sad as it is, the "dirty" recipe dishes always seem to be the most popular. And on that note, you can probably get some more ideas from this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/577088.

              1. Other crockpot ideas would be baked beans or applesauce. For non-crockpot ideas, how about cookies or brownies? I tell you, people become your best friend when you walk in with a big platter of chocolate chip cookies.

                1. i would like to thank everyone for there help. But i have been talked into making jambalaya

                  1. boy am I late to this party.
                    We're having a pot luck tomorrow at work and I have bought 3 pkgs of ham steaks at Costco; 2 loaves of good bread, and I made a big batch of mustard butter (Joy of cooking ~~ I double the amount of dry mustard and add chopped Italian parsley); and I got a jar of pineapple preserves.

                    Butter the bread; cut the ham steaks to fit the bread, spread pineapple preserves on one side of ham and make the sandwich. Wrap in wax paper and cut in half. Serve on a big platter. Every single sandwich, no matter how many I make, will disappear.

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                      That sounds really tasty! Do you ever serve the sandwiches warm?