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Sep 9, 2012 08:10 AM

Coffee needs non-dairy substitute for cream

I'd like to do a 2-week dairy challenge, to find out how spouse and I do without it.

The only area I foresee a problem is with our morning coffee. We use full fat cream in our coffee.

I could just give coffee up for 2 weeks and figure out what to do at that point should we decide we'd be better without cream in our diet, but my spouse can't imagine life without coffee, so I'm looking into what a good substitute would be.

What non-dairy cream replacement do you put in coffee that tastes the most like real cream to you?

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  1. the wildwood brand coffee creamer is the best vegan creamer i've tried. some people like almond creamer but for me it takes it to flavored-coffee frou-frou land... not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that, but not what i am necessarily looking for.

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      Looked it up, it's a soy creamer, FOI. Looks like whole foods carries it, there's one not to far from us.

      I'm with you, prefer just the flavor of coffee and cream, though the spouse does occasionally add a splash of "Dr B" in his. (That's Bailey's Irish Cream)

      PS: I just ran across this person's comparison of several alternatives.

      Taste being so subjective, I'll probably have to just take a whack at it and guess what we'd like best. If the dairy test /challenge reveals problems we'll probably have to experiment some. Just hoping to avoid an obvious "vile" option...

    2. Supertaster likes the So Delicious french vanilla coconut milk creamer...

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        I just learned there's coconut milk creamers. I thought it would be between almond milk and soy milk brands.

        Oh, I guess there's rice milk versions, too, but they seem generally disliked from what I'm seeing.

        I have no sweet tooth and don't care for the flavored coffee drinks, so the more plain the better. Most substitutions rarely taste like the original, so I usually try to forgo them, but I don't think the spouse will try this unless I find something as close to cow's milk cream as possible. Spouse doesn't drink many cups a day, but probably still qualifies as a coffeeholic! lol

        1. re: Enso

          So delicious has a plain, unflavored version, and online, the comments are good.

          I think the texture would be nice because of the natural fat already in coconut, so need to add more. You can get it at whole foods.

      2. how about almond milk...i know they make a coconut version as well

        1. have you tried DaVinci sugar free syrups? soooo many options there for flavor, and you only need a little. I really like the kahlua :) yummy

          1. Gotta tell you, I too like the So Delicious Original creamer. Not a huge fan of flavored coffee unless the flavor comes from real liquor, and then I prefer that in black coffee.