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Sep 9, 2012 07:28 AM

OK J-E-T-S' FANS, Whatcha makn for the big game(LOW CARB)????

Out the door for my beans and chop meat....chilli, chilli, chilli....nice and spicy. Veges and hummus, baked apple chips, mayb alil' popcorn for dear hubby....oh don't forget the peanuts, so that my house will look like the old restaurant "Ground Round" Do you remember throwing your peanuts on the floor? How about you?
At least I know something during the game will be a win-win. HAHAHAHAHA Maybe this year will be better....Gotta luv 'em!!! At least you know with the J-E-T-S there will be DRAMA!!!
Whose your team, and what will you be cookn' up??????

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  1. My team is the Giants and they're not playing today. I may have some guacamole and soy chips in the house, and in colder weather, I often make chili for dinner on football Sundays. Go withs are sour cream, gaucamole, sliced scallions and shredded cheddar, usually.

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      Sounds yummy...munchn' on some pepperjack,and cheddar cheese...Can you hear us yelln' cause it's Christmas in September for the JETS!!! SO far LOOKN GOOOOOD! Yippeeee.....I'm being SHUSSSSED! Don't wanna jinks 'em>>>spoke to soon....thanks for wastn a play, poor TEBOW...Drama :)

    2. No chicken wings in honor of the visitors ?
      Eating some of your opponent may give you strength...

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        GOOD1 rochfood.....ya know this low carb thingy is still a work in progress......I really blew that one. Got us salvatn' ovr here. LOL

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          Oh, btw, I have the Bills to win in my pool this week. Sorreeeee!

        2. Well mcf it's still a weee bit early, but I believe the apology will be mine. HAhaha
          It's ok, we can still be pals....I won't hold it against ya ;)

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          1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

            Catch up with two superbowls and call me in the morning. ;-)

          2. My team's the Pats (though I had/ have a huge crush on Bill Parcells and always will), and in the college ranks, the lowly Boston College Eagles, at the bottom of the ACC...sigh.

            DH will be going to a game/tailgate next weekend, and will be toting a cooler full of cocktail shrimp with lemon to spritz on, a pepperoni/cheese plate, some celery with dip and lots of water. It's tough because the usual fare at college tailgates in our area trends toward beer/chips/pretzels because unlike the SEC, and the NFL, the gates only open a couple of hours before game, no time for elaborate grilling etc.

            At home, we grill a lot. For the game last night (Pats game....Don't. Say. A. Word), I grilled eggplant and some good burgers, and had a cucumber/olive/feta salad on the side.

            Don't. Say. A. Word. About. That. Game.