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Sep 9, 2012 07:13 AM

Philadelphia Restaurant week

Can anyone suggest which restaurants might be worth trying--I know many RW menus duplicate menus that are offered all the time, but are there any you think would be a good introduction to a restaurant that might nornally be "too expensive"? I've been to Zahav and loved it, but am just starting to get to know area restaurants (live about 50 minutes away)---mostly from what I read here!

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  1. What type of food do you like, and what is too expensive for you. Some places I think are actually poor deals if you are paying 35 or 45 dollars for reduced menus because your normal meal would not be much more there.

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      Well, we eat anything. And you described my feelings exactly--I don't want to eat at a place where the normal meal would not be much more. For example, ate at a restaurant in Boston during restaurant week. All the choices were from the regular menu and probably would've cost twice as much (obviously the portion size was somewhat smaller, but i got to try something I probably wouldn't have paid double for.) I know how crowded restaurants get during RW and don't want to get something i could easily get for a couple of dollars more any other time.

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        The only really good values I've seen for RW over the past few years are from steakhouses. You are saving money on the overall tab because the average at these places on a normal night is high due to the menu structure, but the cuisine is not anything special. Most everywhere else good is a questionable value and very crowded (though many of these places are crowded RW or not).

        Instead I'd look for other ways to save money at higher restaurants like no-corkage-fee BYOB nights (Lacroix allows this on Sundays), weekday prixe fixe menus, or specials on deal sites like Ru La La.

        ETA It looks like the Oyster House has a good RW menu... four courses and you can get 4 oysters for the first course and a lobster roll for the main.

    2. I don't know if it would normally be too expensive but I've had very good experiences during two separate RWs at Marigold Kitchen.

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        Marigold KItchen is part of UC Dining Days, not Center City Restaurant Week which is the upcoming one OP is probably referring to.

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          The dates match the announce RW for Center City District, two weeks beginning on September 30 with the weekend excluded. UC Dining days have not been announced yet... don't know if they even do one in the fall.

          Interestingly, there are restaurants in Old City participating, as well as Route 6 which is technically outside of the CC district.