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Sep 9, 2012 06:45 AM

CIANO: Not a Wow

We ate at Ciano last night fully expecting to be wowed and just weren't. We were seated at a lovely corner table in the main dining room and the service was attentive. We heard a woman at the table next to us comment at how quickly the food was served and soon realized that was the pattern for the evening. Another table of 4 was in and out in a flash and while it didn't occur to us that we should let them know we were in no hurry, first courses were served within 5 minutes of ordering and seconds/mains within 10 minutes after primos were cleared. Our assessment: the food was good, not great, especially given the price. Excellent focaccia bread; the veal meatballs were very tasty; baby romaine salad with tonnato sauce OK; the pappardelle with duck bolognese was also good but heavy and a bit sweet, the smaller rather than entree portion may have been more palatable; the chicken for 2 was fine but we found it a bit bland; the chocolate nut biscotti were excellent. Just wondering, is there usually something served with the bread in addition to the olive oil, thought I had heard of ricotta spread, and is there usually an amuse bouche of some kind? The check was presented without us requesting it, despite the fact that we had not been there an inordinate amount of time. No real complaints but an encore is probably not in order for us.

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  1. Sadly I've had similar experiences the two times I've eaten there. The food is good, although the price is a bit high, but the service is making me think twice about going back. It's almost like it is so efficient that you have no time to breathe and enjoy the meal.

    I believe an amuse was served, but I truly don't remember off-hand what it was.....

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      Agree, Beloved1 - the very quick pacing definitely adversely affected my enjoyment of the experience.

    2. The food at Ciano is good but a bit safe. It's a good choice for unadventurous diners though. I haven't had any issues with the service.