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Sep 9, 2012 06:43 AM

Indian flavored cream cheese ideas

I live in Europe and got like 10 new products from a local food company which they want me to try and come up with some recipes. Everything else was easy and a pleasure to work with but the problem is this Philadelphia-style cream cheese which has an Indian theme with papaya, red curry, nigella seeds, turmeric and chili powder. It tastes really good and kind of like coronation chicken if you've had it. Do you have any ideas how I could get creative with it?

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  1. Spread it on naan then top with chicken, cilantro, shredded carrots, and cucumber. Roll it up for an Indian-inspired wrap.

    Thin it with a little plain yogurt and use it as a dip for pita chips or crudite.

    1. I have a recipe for a curried stuff prunes appetizer that's pretty tasty, and this mixture would probably work the same way. You flatten the prunes, spread on a glob of the cream cheese mixture, and dip in coarsely-chopped almonds.

      My recipe usually makes more than I need, so I've used the rest of the cream cheese mixture on cold turkey sandwiches.

      1. wrap blobs of it in wonton skins and deep fry, like a crab rangoon.

        place under chicken skin on drumsticks or thighs and roast.

        stuff jalapenos with it, wrap with bits of bacon and bake. or get a larger peppers and some ground chicken or turkey. mix the meat and your cheese and stuff and roast the peppers.

        make savory cheesecakes with it.

        1. chicken meatloaf muffins/"cupcakes" with savory cream cheese frosting

          1. It sounds like it would be great stuffed in chicken breasts, then breaded and baked.