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Sep 9, 2012 06:23 AM

Pancho Villa Mexican Resturant Matawn

I have tried many local resturants trying to find good Mexican food and this is the one. Having visited more than six times we have never had a meal less than outstanding.

The food is fresh and the prices are cheap.

The owner and staff come over to talk during dinner, and everyone is very friendly. The main stay of patrons are local Hispanic, so you know the food is on track.

My only fear of writing this review is that the place fill up and I cant get in there on a busy night.

Oh by the way it's BYOB.

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      1. I've been following the posts related to restaurants in the Matawan area for quite a while, but I never felt the impetus to post anything until this moment. I ordered dinner from Pancho Villa, and it was by far the worst takeout experience I've ever had.

        From the very moment I called to place my order, nothing went right. Nobody answered the phone when I first called, so since I live nearby I planned to just drive over there to order my food in person. Someone from the restaurant called back, but I missed the call while I was getting ready to l head over there. I called them back once again... "Hello?" asked the person who answered the phone. I wasn't sure that I had reached a place of business so I had to ask if I had in fact reached the Pancho Villa restaurant. I went ahead and ordered six items and when I asked the person on the phone to read the order back to me, they were completely unable to do so. We went through the entire order three times to ensure that they had it right and I still wasn't confident that they had it correct. At that point I should've known I was in for trouble!

        I was told that the order would be ready in 20 minutes, but when I arrived at the restaurant 25 minutes later they told me that it would take another 15 minutes. I don't mind waiting for good food, so I didn't really have a problem waiting. When the order was ready, I was very surprised to hear that the total for my six items was $68. I was expecting the cost to be about half that amount. When I got home and double checked the menu, I arrived at a total of $41. I called the restaurant to find out what went wrong and I was told that they had raised their prices. That's understandable, but my menu was only a few months old and a 70% increase seemed extremely steep.

        When I opened the container to reveal my order of Mole Oaxagueno (chicken in mole sauce), I was surprised to see that what was supposed to be chicken was really mostly bone. I was initially going to describe it as being a tiny portion consisting of 70% bone and 30% edible meat, but my dining companion told me that I was being too generous and that it was more like 85% bone and 15% edible meat... I was charged $13 for what was really nothing more than a few bites of chicken that wasn't even very good. If I was dining in the restaurant, I certainly would've sent the meal back.

        Another item I ordered was Huaraches De Asada (tortillas topped with beef) but all I received was a stack of tortillas with absolutely no beef whatsoever! I also received a Chiles Rellenos which I did not order, and it was no consolation to receive an item that I had no interest in eating.

        To be completely fair, the remaining items (spicy pork tacos, carne asada, chicken flautas, and chicken nachos) were all okay, but nothing great. I finished my meal feeling that I completely overpaid for what I received and I will never, ever return to Pancho Villa again.

        1. Pancho Villa started out really decent and very reasonable. I don't know what happened but the last time we tried an early dinner we were disappointed and the food arrived cold. Won't be returning.