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Sep 8, 2012 07:45 PM

Recipe for veggie "riblets"

The daughter has become an unintended vegetarian (she developed a problem digesting meat). She found some vegetarian "riblets" at the grocery store that she liked. They are crazy expensive and full of chemicals.

Does anyone have an idea how to make them from scratch? I looked at some of the veggie burger recipes on the board but wasn't sure what should be omitted/added for something closer to the riblet. It also doesn't help I can't try them myself (allergic to soy and wheat) so I am sort of flying blind.

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    1. Fat free vegan has a recipe for baked seitan with BBQ sauce. Similar taste to the rickets, just one big pan of it rather than individual pieces.

      Whole Foods has the vital wheat gluten. I believe it's arrowhead mills brand in a blue and white box.

      1. I recommend Mark Bittman's book (or better still, the iPad/iPhone app) How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. He has an excellent and simple recipe for making your own seitan that's quite delicious, and could easily be seasoned like the riblets.

        1. Are you referring to these? I don't see them being "full of chemicals."