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Sep 8, 2012 07:41 PM

Block Island Help

Going to Block Island for a long weekend. Would like to know about the following. A good bakery, market, places for lunch, and good but modest seafood restaurant. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For lunch I would recommend the Spring House, its a hotel and the food is very good, eat out on the large porch. I'd also recommend Manisses for more upscale dining. You can't go wrong with Ballard's for lunch or dinner, their lobster rolls are enormous! I have also heard good things about The Oar (by New Harbor) but have never been. Don't forget the Dell's! Enjoy!

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      All good choices from WhatsEatingYou. I'll throw in Sisters Cafe. I liked it. A good sandwich/deli type place and very laid back. As far as a bakery goes... there's an adequate bakery with a large selection of desserts on the block behind the main steet ( behind the hotels). I forgot the name but it's large. Next to it is a pizza place that I thought was very forgettable. Outdoor seating at both places ( pizza and bakery).

      In the New Harbor section there's a tiny donut shop that sells "killer" donuts ( their description). Good donuts.

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        The bakery is Aldo's. Back in the day, when Block was newly-beloved of the cruising yacht crowd, Aldo would load up a Boston Whaler and take his baked goods out to the boats anchored in the harbor. He sang. He also sold the New York Times. And his rhubarbs pies and eclairs were as mediocre as can be, but something about the way they were delivered and the fact that you ate them in the cockpit of a boat swinging around on its anchor, made them taste pretty good.

    2. Was just in Block Island this past weekend. I can 2nd that the Oar is a good lunch spot. Good food, moderate price for the island, and a great view of New Harbor.

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        Back in the day, the food at Finn's was way better than the food at the Oar. Perhaps that has changed.

      2. Any recommendations for great breakfast (that won't require sitting indoors for over an hour)?