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Sep 8, 2012 06:48 PM

Mt Vernon brunch

Has any one ever tried Mt Vernon Brunch

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  1. If it's anything like dinner, it will be a time capsule from the 1970s. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have grandma in tow.

    1. I went to the Mt Vernon on the Wharf brunch a few times before they closed that restaurant. They had seafood newberg, prime rib mostly unseasoned with jus on the side, waffles and omelets to order, a series of pastries including things like boston cream pie, and raw clams and oysters. There also were the usual things you would find on a hotel breakfast buffet -- scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, and bacon. The seafood newberg sported surimi and chowder fish. The oysters themselves seemed to be washed and I never saw anyone shucking to order, although the clams were much better. Might have been some mussels in some dish as I remember eating some slightly overcooked ones. There was no lobster for a "lobster lover" except as relatively expensive a la carte orders, could be different in Somerville because Revere always was a bit more restrictive on the twin lobster and other specials. Fairly basic jazz vocal trios, although large family parties tended to be louder, and outside seating was better anyways. Nothing was bad, nothing was particularly exciting, and Somerville doesn't have the back deck that the Revere location had. Near to Somerville you have East Coast, the Neighborhood, Atwoods, Brazilian breakfast at Modelo, Salvadoran at Montecristo, and the Blue Room for a buffet brunch all things I would prefer.