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Sep 8, 2012 05:49 PM

Great Lobster at Vince's in Rosarito, Near the Rosarito Beach Hotel

Go to Vince's Fish Market and Restaurant, a large, two-story rustic place a few blocks north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

The "Vince's Combination" gives you a bowl of constantly refilled tortilla chips and salsa, a cup of fish soup, and we were served a plate that had a huge half lobster 'al vapor' (steamed, not fried, you have to tell them), and at a guess, it weighed than two pounds before being split, several butterflied, sauteed shrimp, a generous serving of calamari, a delicious egg-battered white fish filet and a fresh green salad, with a ramekin of melted butter on the side with a basket of freshly made corn and/or flour tortillas.

$15.74 U.S. PP

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