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Sep 8, 2012 05:40 PM

Wine Refrigerator/Cooler Recommendations

So, my previous wine cooler (Edgestar 45 bottle) saw its motor fail drastically recently, it was loud, and didn't keep a correct temperature.

I want to upgrade to a larger (but apartment friendly) unit so I can continue to expand my collection. Somewhere in the 70-90 bottle range with a budget under $1,200.

Any recommendations?

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  1. If memory serves there have been a number of similar topics posted here over the past few years. You can search right on Chowhound or use Google (or other engine) and search something like "chowhound wine cooler refrigerator". That will give you links to a number of these posts and similar ones on other sites.

    When I have more time I'll post again with some of my own ideas.

    1. I've had this one since 2003 and it's running super. Spec'd at 70bottles but I've gotten close to 100 in there with creative stacking. On sale at $660. It was my main cooler when I was apartment living and is now my backup (but usually filled).

      1. I have a Danby 80-bottle fridge I got at Sam's Club 3 years ago for under $800. Don't know what it's going for now, but it's performed VERY well. And it really does hold 80+bottles, even when they're not all Bordeaux or Alsace!

        I would check out Sam's Club. My first Danby (a 45 bottle) I had bought directly from the company at a trade show, but for this purchase, Danby directed me to Sams Club. Said they couldn't beat their price.

        I've been very happy with both Danby's.