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Sep 8, 2012 05:22 PM

Bosque Baking Company - Albuquerque, NM

I've tried a few breads now from Bosque Baking Co downtown, and they're very good. They're selling their breads weekly at the Downtown Grower's Market, and are in the process of getting a storefront bakery up and running downtown on Coal. Right now that place is only open from noon to five or six on Wednesdays, but they're hoping to be open at least three days a week in a month or so. I love the croissants and multi-grain breads at La Quiche Parisienne, but this place might end up being a better all-round bread bakery once they get on their feet. Their loaves have a great texture and a very clean well-balanced flavor, and their prices are more reasonable. They also sell little pizzas and empanadas that look delicious. A strong addition to the bleak Burque bread scene.

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  1. They have the best rye bread in Albuquerque!

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    1. re: abqdeb

      Is that anything like having the best bagel in Albuquerque?

      1. re: anotherjennifer

        Haven't tried the rye, but, yes, this place is definitely on the "good for Albuquerque" (as opposed to "good for anywhere") end of the goodness spectrum. Flavorful, wholesome-tasting bread (sort of like I remember hippies making when I was little) but not anything to write home about if home is San Francisco or New York.

        1. re: anotherjennifer

          LOL Jennifer! You're right though. The rye is good for ABQ. I've been gone from the east coast too long to be a rye bread maven, but it's the best I've had here.

          1. re: anotherjennifer

            FWIW, I think bagels from the Bagel in Rio Rancho are totally respectable, actually boiled and baked and all that. And they even have bialys!

        2. Yep, I live about a mile from the bagel in RR, and we love the bagels!