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Sep 8, 2012 05:19 PM

Has anyone tried the new menu at Eleven Madison Park?

I'll be in NY at the end of October and EMP is one of the restaurants I'm considering. Can anyone report on the new menu that was just launched?

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  1. Last night was the very first night. Short report here:

    1. Just got back to Maine tonight and will weigh in more fully tomorrow...ver much enjoyed the (five hour) meal!

      1. We were there Friday evening. Hoping to write a report today. Everyone knows we are HUGE fans of EMP and many will accuse us of being biased but I don't care, when something is spectacular it's spectacular whether or not you are a fan and in a word, the "new" format is spectacular. One thing I will say is all the concerns regarding thier homage to NYC being the end of civilization as we know it is grossly exaggerated, if fact, we think it was wonderfully done and a fitting tribute to the greatest city in the World.

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