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Sep 8, 2012 05:12 PM


does anyone know of a restaurant that serves geoduck, those funny looking clams i sometimes see at the T and T?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Geoduck is served at all the higher-end Cantonese seafood restaurants. I rarely see it on western menus.

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      Many Cantonese like it blanched, served at room temperature with a simple green onion & ginger with light soy sauce as dressing on the side, or sometimes with XO sauce as condiment.

      But you'll also see it stir-fried with snowpea pods.

      Or in Chinese hotpot, geoduck is cut thin and served cold sashimi-style on a bed of ice. You then cook it yourself in the hotpot.

      Geoduck is easy to overcook, and it's mildly sweet flavour lends itself to (Chinese) cooking methods that don't introduce heavy flavours, such that its original flavours are preserved. I've eaten it stir-fried with blackbean suace and while some people like that, I don't personally. Guess I'm a Canto-boy at heart, I like it best the blanched way.

    2. You can also get it in some sushi bars.

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        Ah yes. I was just going to include that addendum. Look for "mirugai" on the menu, figgycave.

      2. Last year we had it at either Octopus Garden or Lime, I don't recall which. You can't go wrong at either, though, based on the sushi we enjoyed there.


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          An FYI that Lime is gone. OG is still around though.

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            Ah well, I'm glad we were able to enjoy dinner there once.

            In fact, t'was you & greyelf who helped us with that trip, suggesting sushi places & cheese shops. Thanks again to you both, your ideas were spot-on.


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              Glad you enjoyed and that me thoughts was 'elpful :-).