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Sep 8, 2012 05:10 PM

Smoked Fish IC


Anyone have any good ideas on finding smoked fish thats affordable and acceptable quality in Iowa City? Hyvee is pretty limited. Thanks....

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  1. I'm guessing "IC" stands for Iowa City. Funny, when I saw the title, I thought the topic was about smoked fish flavor ice cream. Ewww... :)

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      I thought it was some sort of Integrated Circuit for smoking fish...

      1. re: nsxtasy

        I'll try to be more conscious next time... :)

      2. I had some smoked salmon from Cured the deli inside Johns grocery that was good. I also really like the salmon sticks from New-Pi it's the unattractive, fatty strips of belly meat they smoke. Really good, but boney. I'm not really sure about affordable.... I think the stuff from Johns is around 13 or 14 a pound and the and New-Pi is like 11 or 12 a pound.

        1. If you ever make it to Des Moines, European Flavors has a large variety of smoked fish. I've had a few kinds and it's all been great. Sorry I can't help with IC.

            1. re: Pandora

              Yeah, sadly it's all about Costco. (I mean, they're great, but I wish there were someone local who was at least as consistent.) And Costco really only ever has salmon. I've resorted to that, tinned stuff (sardines, smoked mussels, etc.) that's really high quality, and an occasional treat when Motley Cow or Lincoln Cafe smokes something. And every once in a great while, I mail order from Russ & Daughters.

              1. re: ctscorp

                I just bought a used british seafood book at the ICPL bookstore that 1/3 of the recipes use smoked fish. Wanna try some of those out.