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Sep 8, 2012 04:31 PM

Bakery between Airport and Lindstrom

I will be going from the airport to Lindstrom to visit family and I'd like to stop at a great bakery along the way to pick up a cake and some pastries to give them. Any suggestions of something that won't be a detour?

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  1. This thread may be of interest, because anything in St. Paul would not be terribly far out of your way:

    Also, maybe, A Baker's Wife in Minneapolis is not far off 55.

    1. Cakes: Cafe Latte on Grand Ave.

      Cupcakes and Macarons: That place next to Izzy's on Marshal (Marshal & Cleveland).

      Both of those are basically on the way. To get to Lindstrom, I don't think you'd go up 55.

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        The place next to Izzy's is Sweet's bakeshop. They will also do cakes to order ($$$).

        Going up 55 to 35 isn't that far out of the way. . .