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Piazza D'Angelo - Mill Valley

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We were staying in Mill Valley recently and were looking for a place to eat there. We're usually eating in the city or cooking. I did some research and wasn't finding anything that sounded terribly exciting. Checked with SF foodie daughter who has plenty of friends in Marin and she wasn't singing anyone's praises. After walking around downtown we were in the oh-so-wonderful, I-want-to-live-there Mill Valley Market, just window shopping. Got to chatting with a local woman and it was clear she was passionate about food also. She recommended Piazza D'Angelo. We strolled over and were checking out the menu (weren't open yet) and another woman came by, saw us and said "Don't bother reading the menu, just go there, it's great" or something like that :) And it was. We shared the Insalata Estiva which was Romano beans (in the shell), arugula, mint, garlic, red wine vinegar and shaved Piacentenu Ennese which is infused with saffron. Such a simple salad but so packed with flavor. I copied it a few days later. We also shared a pizza of kale, pancetta, goat cheese, mozzarella and red chili flakes. It was fantastic. Very attractive place with booths and tables down the left side and the bar on the right. The service was completely spot-on. Highly recommend.


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  1. Hi c oliver, I have enjoyed eating at Piazza d'Angelo and am glad you had such a nice experience there. But what I wanted especially to respond to was your gracious response to my complaint about Reno's Campo. I am a Marinite who is not a Reno regular and I am glad you came to my neighborhood and had a good meal.

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      Very cool :) If you're coming back to Reno, let me know and we can have a meal. And vice versa :)