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Sep 8, 2012 03:58 PM

What to do with goat's milk?

I'd seen goat's milk in some American supermarkets before but it was always ultra-pasteurized and I figured that was no way to try a food that I haven't tried before. Now I am in Ireland and I bought a litre of the good stuff to try--and I have decided that, though I LOVE goat cheese, the milk is, well, an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire. Still gonna try, but does anyone have any good ideas for cooking with it? I do love that gamey taste of all things goat, it's just that drinking it straight is a little much for me as of now. Suggestions?

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  1. It makes terrific caramel sauce! This is one of the recipes I used to make it:

    1. Hi,
      You can make a soft goat cheese by heating the milk to 175 f. (80 c), remove from heat, stir in
      1/2 C lemon juice per qt of milk, let sit for 2-3 hrs-at this point, the whey should be rising to the top. Strain through a colander lined with cheesecloth: 1-2 hrs for a ricotta texture, overnight for a firmer cheese. This works with ultra-pasteurized too.

      1. lots of uses... of course it works in fritatta, quiche, souffles, omelettes, etc.
        desserts like ice cream, flan, fudges, sauces, etc
        try it in panna cotta with some orange zest and basil
        it works as a soaking liquid for fried chicken preparation
        goat cheesecake (make the cheese first) with roasted figs and a balsamic reduction
        or in orzo...