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Sep 8, 2012 03:46 PM

Toledo, Spain --seeking good indigenous food near Cathedral

Any others besides Locum and La Ermita?

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  1. Toledo has been well covered on this board and a search (top right corner of this page) will yield quite a lot of information, including
    I like "Adolfo Coleccion", very close to the cathedral: a very nice restaurant cum tapas bar cum wine bar cum boutique.

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      Many thanks!

      Also, need recommendations for Salamanca.

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        Adolfo┬┤s : Adolfo owns a formal restaurant, a hotel and restaurant, a small spa boutique hotel and a Gastro Bar in addition to a retail wine shop with a tapas bar. All are exemplary quality.

        Furthermore, not too long ago, he opened a restaurant in the Madrid Capital 50 km from Toledo City.

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          Had dinner last night at Adolofo Coleccion and it was just awful. Not sure what the story is. Has Adolofo sold out? Expanded too quickly? The place was half empty and it still took me forever to be served. (Because I was a single woman? And not a particularly young one? I sure hope not.) I went specifically hoping to try some higher end wines by the glass, but they had very few wines by the glass at all and all they did have were the cheaper selections. I ordered lamb and the waiter looked confused, as though he had no idea it was on the menu. He recommended the pork loin; said it was excellent. It was obviously reheated in a microwave with some gloppy, too salty sauce poured over it. I couldn't eat it. At least the waiter, who I figure must have been the owner, offered to bring me something else and when I refused, didn't charge me for the main course, just for the wine. Couldn't get out of there fast enough.

          I realize a lot can change in a year. But I was so disappointed, especially after having read such glowing reviews not only here but elsewhere.

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            I walked past the restaurant again tonight and realized it is no longer called Adolofo Coleccion (although that is the name still listed on the Web site). The new name is Coleccion Catedral and it is one of many Coleccion restaurants in the Grupo Adolofo.

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              Sorry you had a bad experience. Maybe you just hit a bad night. I have not heard of the group having problems. I hope we get more reports from Toledo soon.